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                              Fox MILAN

Vehicle design history:

The Fox MILAN was a development of the fox scout first displayed in October of 1982. The fox scout itself was an escort version of the Fox armed with a 7.62 machine gun, which could either be a MAG or Chain gun, supplied with 4,500 rounds. This design would remain a prototype that would later be modified to carry a MILAN compact turret (MCT) in order to increase its firepower without drastically increasing the armoured car’s weight. With around 700mm of penetration, the MILAN missile was more than enough to take out enemy armour, and with 8 rounds carried aboard, with 2 ready to fire, it would have been able to punch above its weight in terms of anti-tank capabilities. The design proved promising, but unfortunately, it would not go on to see service, as the Spartan MCT would surpass it in terms of operational capability and surpass it, and 75 examples would enter service starting in 1986.

(MAG or Chain gun) and 4,500 rounds.

Vehicle specifications:

Additional photos:





Looks like a ton of fun! +1

+1, the UK needs these types of vehicle would be a great addition for the uk tree

+1 Dont know if it should be Tech tree though, Event or Battlepass imo.