Fox Hit box

Hi, I’m opening this discussion to find out if I’m the only one concerned before making a bug report.

I recently played the Fox a lot and I have the impression that the Hit Box is much larger than the tank, trees located several meters from me stop me, I am even stopped before hitting certain walls… .I even crossed the hull of a Bmp behind which I was trying to hide

However this bug is not consistent and does not happen to me every time, which I find strange

So tell me if you are also concerned and if so do not hesitate to include images or video to accompany it so that I can put them in the report


Several meters seem excessive, but every hitbox in this damn game seems to be 5-10% larger than the visual model which does include the Fox.

I do agree it seems more pronounced on the fox though


It could have been an invisible decorative element, I was passing between two trees when I stopped, and I was really far away from them, but I was still stopped