Found another truck mounted 40mm (Tgb m/42)

Don’t know much about it. other than its a wee bit smaller.

Update: its the Tgb m/42 chassi with a 40mm Lvakan 36. Its top speed is around 65km/h on paved road and 44 km/h on terrain. It stores its ammunition the same way as the in-game variant.

Tgdbil m/42, pansrad för lv-pv, försöksbil

Our beloved Lvtgb m/40, that is actually named:
Tgdbil m/42, pansrad för lv-pv, försöksbil

Update: nvm:

Update2: This variant uses a different chassis, the Tgb m/40 chassis

Im talking to the archive staff here at the FMV national archives so, ill try to find the document they are talking about.


Incredible pics, also great find, nice work!

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Ive heard from staff here that the Lvtgb m/40 has a top speed of 65km/h on roads!

Just have to find the document

Update: Yes! The vehicle uses the same shassi as the Tgb m/42 that uses the same engine and transmission it can actually reach 70 km/h on roads!

We can finally have our speedy boi!!

You’re doing the world a favor, where is the FMV national archives if i might ask?

Stockholm, Täby

Dang that’s far, though i should’ve figured. Ill stick to scraping info on sketchy blogs from 2002.

It will ve a while untill im home, then i have to get dressed and go to school hehe. Good thing school starts late for me

Here is the normal version