Forum account issue

I haven’t seen any place we can talk about bugs on the forum.
My concern is that my account on the forum is broken, I can’t modify it, I can’t even go to my profile, despite the notifications and messages received. (you can try clicking on my name yourself to see the problem)

I wanted to know if I was the only one to have this problem, if it is possible to fix this bug, especially since changing the forum so quickly and abruptly gives enough headaches.

there appears to be an issue with you account name.

while it says Whisky_077 here (and that account appears on the profile list on as well) when i hover over your name it is linking to / showing ‘W077 (Miwo)’ - well, sort of… as there seem to be some special characters in that name ^^

i guess you will have to contact some forum admin to have a look into this

Wait and see ; Forwarded - I’m going to be patient

Dio you have any information now ?

Some Moderator cans close this topic, I’ve been revive. Thank you Level Up.

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