FORAD Camo scheme

The FORAD skin looks great on the AuF1…Does something similar exist for the regular AMX-30s?

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I think so, it was the camouflage used to simulate enemy units. For the French, these vehicles call themselves FORAD, “Force Adverse”. In the case of Brenus it is to simulate a Soviet tank.


It would be great to have these in game. It is a really good look.

The FORAD camo is available for all French vehicles from TVI and up, so you can’t get it for the AMX-30 1972, but both the B2 and BRENUS do receive it. You do need to buy it with GE tho.



T IV for AMX-30 AuF1 ;) but not for all vehicles.

  • MARS 15
  • SK 105 A2
  • AMX-30 Super
  • AMX-30 ACRA
  • AMX-30 DCA

All theses vehicles haven’t the FORAD skin.

For your information, the MARS 15 has received a FORAD camouflage from Gaijin’s market


L’AUF1 is in Tiers V.
L’AMX-13 (HOT) in tiers VI, have’nt the FORAD skin.

yep, i see after, and i forget to correct that.

I know, but consoles players haven’t the market, or PC players who not use the market can’t have the skin directly in game.