For the love of God please lower bombers' minimum fuel loads, they keep increasing them through each update and makes them more and more unplayable

In the name of all players lol.

Bombers are becoming fodder for fighters, yeah i get it they have huge fuel loads cause they’re big and people use them for sim, but i (used) to enjoy the t18b and tu42because they could defend themselves and play like heavy fighters but now with the ridiculous high fuel loads they have become unplayable; slow, wings fold in half the moment you pull and cant do anything against any fighter even if you have the energy advantage. I’m sick of picking a plane that has a minimum fuel of (supposedly) 40 minutes of fuel and because it’s high up in the sky every second equals to 5 seconds of real life.

…Becoming? Have been for a long time. In a gamemode without respawns, bombers just aren’t that useful.


boy do I remember when the me264 and pe-8 had only minimum loads of 20 minutes letting you dogfight whatever the hell you wanted? I in fact believe that most aircraft with airspawn shouldn’t get these ridiculously high loads of fuel and put them to take off on the ground or lower their airspawn.

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