For the love of god give the Namer an extra belt!

1 50 cal hit and you’re done for the match unless you are lucky enough to make it to a cap without getting 1 shotted since they didnt give it proper armor for a vehicle this size…200 rounds is not nearly sufficient for an Autocannon, and I highly doubt this is all they would take into battle

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Sooo true. Should be able to store more ammo belts and spikes in the hull, I mean it’s just a bunch of empty mass anyway, or maybe fill it up with a bunch of random replacement crew members lmao, could be like that one French tank that never dies because it has so much crew hahaha

nah nah nah hell nah. The Namer in its current state should have no belts inside the hull. No armor means shots will penetrate easily and cause you to die more than you do now.

Well then probably give it its armor first haha

In all seriousness, just don’t take those belts if you’re worried about it, but I would love to bring it on maps where I can play hull down

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This might be actually true. Our APCs in the Austrian army carry only 200 rounds of 12.7mm for the M2, all in the RCWS.
But that’s sufficient for the purpose of the vehicle. Same goes for the Namer where I doubt they had anti-vehicle combat in mind.

But you’d have the option. Big and open map, full load. Small CQB map, only 200 in the RCWS.
I would also like to have more ammo. I also had situations where my ammo was hit and was therefore rendered useless for the rest of the round. Peak top rier gameplay I have to say.

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200 rounds is just fine, with relatively slow firerate and high penetration you shouldn’t be running out of them that fast

I use the irst to kill planes and helis as well, that alone burns through ammo quickly



Barely more than the BMP-2 with significantly lower of a firerate at a higher BR. The BMP-2M is better in most aspects as it currently stands.

If they’d fix the Namer and give it the armor it deserves, it should be the king of IFV, as it belongs.