For the love of god fix volumetric damage

It is the only thing that makes Ground seriously unfun. It might only happen 1 in 20 shots fired but it is baffling.

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Looks like you hit an optic. That has been a problem from the very start of ground forces. Wish they didnt make optics blackholes. Not sure of the exact reason/code behind why it happens.

Did you know Italy had a special RHA with the density of a neutron star capable of bouncing even a nuke?

Just aim for the 99.95% of the hull that isn’t that spot.

That vehicle does not have a volumetric armor.

You are crying on a wrong grave…

Volumetric armor and volumetric rounds are separate things.

Volumetric armor is not required for volumetric “problems” to happen, for example, shooting a Panther on the side armor and the round being caught on the sponson armor that goes directly above the tracks.