Following the Roadmap: Possible Changes to Ground Vehicle Damage Models

Honestly, would be solved if 6mm structural steel had some spall. Or 15mm and below structural steel spalled. Having a gradient down to 1mm instead of an abrupt cutoff where 16/17mm structural steel spalls a ton, but 15mm doesn’t at all. Which is how it currently works.


I think that this is a horrible idea for gameplay purposes. Generally when playing a game things that take control away from the character cause frustration as it leaves your fate up to random chance. WT can already get quite frustrating at times, lets try to remove frustrations not add to them.


I would not support the attempt to add any of these mechanics in ground arcade mode… I suggest for me and many players the current response we have in arcade mode is acceptable, we don’t need it to be more “simulative” though…

  1. just return Hull Break
  2. restore only crew Skills, not health

So I am glad to see this new mechanic would make the crews feel more like the flesh and bone humans that they are!

They’re not flesh and bone, they’re pixels. This is a video game, an arcade-y one at that, and even full blown simulators don’t include this kind of stun locking because, shock horror, it’s objectively bad for gameplay when every penetrating hit gives you an epileptic fit.

If we’re wanting “flesh and bone” crew then lets go all the way and vote against crew healing, which is blatantly unrealistic. In fact lets get rid of crew damage all-together, if your tanks get damaged or penetrated anywhere by anything your crew realistically bails out and you’re forced to respawn. Who cares if it completely ruins gameplay, it’s realism!


Rather than shoehorning new features onto a 15 years old (if not older) engine, think it is time for a completely new engine fit for 2025+ and start from scratch there.


the “stun” mechanic seems really bad, first they took away player agency when they started adding killzones to in map areas and removing previous flanking and sniper points.
Stun takes away player control, instead of making it an effect on the crew do it via visual effects so if a more experienced player is hit they react less than a newcomer, not everything like this needs to be ingame, you can achieve a similar ish effect via player game interaction, for example how a lot of people say german players pop smokes at even an MG round hitting them
A feature can be introduced that does not move the camera which can and does induce motion sickness in people nor does it need to affect the crew, with specific enough SFX and VFX you can make the player themselves panic

Also with the more sources of fire, that is also an issue that will cause more issues than it solves it will make players more frustrated especially if they cannot extinguish them even more so if you cant remove the MG ammo that would burn

The only good option is more detailed internals not work arounds that will do more harm than good


The stun mechanic terrible attributes that are not realistic in any way:

Screen shake is abandoned in many modern games as it causes nausea in many people, and doesn’t accurately represent being stunned IRL.

A superior method is tinnitus and darkened [not black] screen for player-controlled soldiers.

And sparks is jarring…

The drift seems unnecessary entirely along with camera shake. A darkened [not black] screen with ringing would be all that’s necessary.

This shouldn’t be necessary if a far more realistic stun mechanic was offered.
These are people in tanks, they’d look away from their optics for a moment.

The way stun is offered in the post is unrealistic and far too jarring for a video game.


In my opinion, the objectively bad thing for gameplay is to hit a Light Tank with an enormous 120mm shell travelling at supersonic speeds, having said shell punch through the crew compartment and hit everyone inside with spall… only for the Light Tank to immediately kill you just because you didn’t kill all the crew on the first shot because the tank is mostly empty!


I don’t like this idea because it will artificial make certain vehicles weaker until gaijin adds the modules to all vehicles.
Example - they add a module for the LRF. I’m fighting against a vehicle that doesn’t have that module added yet so I can’t disable him that way, but my vehicle has it modeled so he can disable me that way.
So depending on gaijin speed of modeling I’m nerfed temporarily.
Tbh gaijin not that speedy at rolling things out for all of the 4000 vehicles (drop tanks as example)
In theory I’m not against more accurate internal modeling, but only of it is added to all vehicles of a BR bracket at once for balance concerns.

I’m very against camera shake and camera effects as they feel very arcade. Maybe an ears ringing effect like you might experience from a flash bang in a FPS… But even that kinda seems meh

As for crew healing I think it should be done in an area near spawn or a cap point. Should work like the ammo reload animation where it would just be healing over time.


Both are objectively bad.


no way people crying about stun as if its something like in WOT

can you people not read? its 1-2s maybe 5s max, not 10s like in wot jesus

Warthunder sells itself on the realism, this would not be realistic and make the game unplayable for people with motion sickness


What light tanks do you have issues with killing in one shot? I think the current state of the game (excluding volumetric shenanigans) is fine, you get rewarded if you shoot at the correct place, and punished if you miss


Which is why HEAT or other more multipurpose projectiles are generally preffered for lightly armored targets

Putting aside damagemodel improvements, i dont see how adding a stun mechanic makes this engagement better.

It just makes it less fun. Which id warn against outside of maybe sim due to the experience it tries to offer.

I will point to Overwatch 1 and say that the stun meta made the gameplay rather stale and unfun for everyone involved.


Crew stun will become the most hated game mechanic. Trust me, there is nothing more annoying than the inability to fight back. Besides I don’t believe Gaijin will implement it competently.

I’d rather the armor “cracked” - decrease in effective thickness when hit with shells. Say you put 50 rounds of 30mm APDS into the exact same spot of a T-55’s UFP. The armor should be weak and may let some shrapnel trough eventually. Just like IRL.


Large wheeled vehicles with lots of ‘open’ space are particularly bad for this. Class 3(P), ZLT-11, Ratel, etc. But I’ve also had this happen to me with TAMs/Marders, and other light tanks. Yes, you can always aim better, but the shells doing absolutely nothing is unrealistic and bad for gameplay, imo

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-Spot enemy light tank.
-Shoot your already loaded APFSDS on him.
-No effect.
-Reload HEAT.
-Fire HEAT.

In all that time, before the process is over, you are already dead; and all because your 120mm APFSDS shell didn’t have any effect because you didn’t headshot snipe the crew with it because it’s the only way it can damage them apparently.


almost as if darts are bad for light vehicles who would have thought

Read this:

Players should not be subject to terrible systems abandoned by modern realistic games.