Following the Roadmap: Battle Pass available in Simulator Battles

We are continuing to tell you about the improvements that we are implementing based on the Roadmap we released in June. In this news, we’ll be talking about the changes that will allow Battle Pass tasks to be completed in Simulator Battles (SB).

This planned Roadmap change was originally scheduled to be released in the Autumn 2023 Major Update, however with the release of the new Battle Pass season 12 that has arrived today, the 26th of July, we’ll be bringing this long-awaited change forward to today instead, ahead of schedule.

You will be able to complete the same battle tasks and challenges in Tank SB as in AB or RB. In Air SB there will be a few exceptions: due to mission specifics and availability of the lobby system, some tasks and challenges, such as participation in a certain number of missions or tasks aimed at destroying AI controlled vehicles or targets, will be unavailable.

This change will significantly help out the SB player base, and any player looking to get into SB but was not willing to due to Battle Pass tasks being unavailable. We hope that you will enjoy this change!

As we release the planned changes in our roadmap, we’ll also continue to update the infographic, so that you can easily see what we have already implemented. Here is the latest version!



Some personalized challenges should be designed for SimEC. Things that revolve around completing EC mission tasks. Please understand that racking up kills can be difficult sometimes, simply due to lack of kill opportunities. Some examples of tasks could be:

-Capture x amount of A points, or spend x amount of time capturing A points.
-Killing x amount of formation bombers or attackers.
-Dropping x amount of tonnage on bases.

I really hope to see SimEC develop into a mode that players can enjoy, without being excluded from all the seasonal events and challenges. Finally seeing Gaijin think about how this can be accomplished is refreshing.


I dont ever bother with the battle pass as the rewards mediocre at best. But its really good to see SB hasnt been forgotten. Gives me hope it will finally recieve some of the TLC it so desperately needs

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What about the daily tasks? Will they also be made available for SB?

Otherwise this change is only halfway done.

Edit: I have to apologize, the daily tasks have been given to SB, too. Thanks Gaijin. thumbsup

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Why are tasked aimed at destroying targets omitted from air SIM? Its easier to destroy targers in air RB than SIM. All SIM EC rooms have the same number of targets to destroy, bar the 3 maps with naval targets, and ground targets are a lot harder to destroy in EC then any other game mode. Seems like a restriction that doesn’t really make sense to me.


Nothing ever makes sense when it comes to how Gaijin treats SimEC. I don’t know why Gaiiin is so reluctant to reward SimEC players… It should not be this hard to create and implement some doable tasks.

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Well that is some thing . . .Good job