Fluorescent stick (3D decoration)

Fluorescent rods are often used for nighttime training and are installed on tanks and armored vehicles

The colors of fluorescent rods are generally green and red. The red one is tied to the barrel, while the green fluorescent rod is installed at the rear of the turret.

In the game, it can become a decoration for any modern vehicle.


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Honestly, this seems like a very great idea and would look really cool, especially in night battles!

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+1 Would look great in night battles I bet!

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Glowstick rave!! +1

Cool decorations, thx for ur recommendation.

Would be useful in night battles for WW2 whenever that’s added. But that depends on when Baked vehicle lights and night lights are added.

Honestly these would be pretty cool.

nice,so funny, we need them

If someone puts in a vote, in suggestions, i would vote for it. They would have to allow it on the tanks and the naval and planes. With naval, you could have a red one on the left bridge wing, and a green one on the right, planes, the same sides as naval, port and starboard. That’d look good.

Knowing Gaijin though, they would only allow us all to only have 1 of them, just like all the other decorations and bushes, except helmets and Jerry cans.