Flower-class Corvette, INS Haganah (K-20). The unique little flower

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​Hello everyone! This time I’m going to suggest a unique little ship which is a modified Flower-class with unique weapons onboard!

This is the Flower-class Corvette, INS Haganah (K-20)

Source: File:K204XDG.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:אוניית_המעפילים_הגנה.jpg

INS Haganah (K-20) started her life as HMCS Norsyd which was laid down in 1943. In 1945 she was stripped of her guns and sonar and sold for civilian use. This is where Israel bought the ship and used her as an imigration ship. In the photo above you can see her in this configuration.

After her short service as an imigration ship she was re-armed with various guns and put into service with the Israeli navy. In 1948 Haganah together with her sister ship and another submarine chaser attacked every Egyptian naval vessel near Gaza. They got attacked in return by Egyptian aircraft that managed to damage the ships a bit. One Egyptian planes was shot down in the end.

She took part in futher conflicts with Egypt, but no huge surface vessel battles.

Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323280205171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The ship was completely unarmed so Israel had to re-arm her. Israel decided to put the French 75mm Canon CA 75 Modèle 1932 anti-aircraft gun on the ship. Israel also operated this gun in small numbers on wheeled trailers for use as static AA defence.

Haganah got two of these 75mm guns, one in front of the bridge and one on the very stern of the ship. Both can be spotted by these platforms they would be mounted on that raise them of the deck a little bit.

Another interesting gun that was added to the ship was a 65 mm Canon de 65 M Modele 1906 mountain gun. This was a very derpy gun that was located towards the rear of the ship. It was mounted on an elevated platform where it could turn and elevate on.

Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323281205171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The final weapons added to the ships were four twin 13mm Hotchkiss mounts. These were tripod mounts used for ground use. Two were on top of the bridge and two more were futher to the rear of the ship close to the 65mm mountain gun.

Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323280305171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



Displacement: 1350 tons
Length: 205 feet (62,48 meters)
Breadth: 33 feet (10,06 meters)
Draught: 14,5 feet (4,42 meters)
Machinery: Steam piston engines
Max speed: 16,5 knots (30.56 km/h)
Complement: Unknown

2 x 1 75 mm Canon CA 75 Modèle 1932
1 x 1 65 mm Canon de 65 M Modele 1906
4 x 2 13 mm Hotchkiss CA mle 1930

Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323281405171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Well that is all for today. Many more suggestions like these to come in the future!

See you on the battlefield!

Source: File:INSHagana1950.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

More Photos


Source: https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/קובץ:Hagana_k20.jpg

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Source: File:K30K20.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323274705171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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Source: File:Hagana ship (997009323281305171.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MiznakAtour.png



Main source:

Secondairy source:
אח"י הגנה ק - 20

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This is why I really like Israel, because you get unconventional weapons on familiar platforms. This is super cool! +1