Flares issue

On many aircraft, the flare amount of flares that are dispensed per press is above one, which drastically reduces the effective amount of flares that an aircraft has for no tangible gain in flare potency. Aircraft that comes to mind is the F-16A, but many have this issue. Aircraft that would normally have 60 flares only really have 30 because of double deployment, drops to 15 when chaff is used as well. Hampers performance to an unacceptable level especially when high amount of flares are required to dodge or pre-flare IRCCM missiles.

Additionally, though it has already been said many times, there needs to be an option to select between chaff and flares, even a semi-auto selection based on RWR return. (Chaff+Flare if being locked, flare only if not.)

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Su-17/22 are much more of a problem

you get 12 flares, game always deploys 2 so it’s 6 flares actually

add chaff you can now dodge 3 missiles

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Su-17M2 does not get any countermeasures, but it is at 10.3.
Su-17M4 gets 256x countermeasures, with 12x integrated large caliber countermeasures.
The German Su-22M4 is pretty much identical to the Su-17M4.
The squadron Su-22M3 and Hungarian Su-22M3 only gets 12x integrated large caliber countermeasures, so it definitely is struggling at 10.7 (albeit the R-60Ms definitely help).
The German Su-22UM3K is at 10.7 and gets 128x countermeasures with 12x integrated large caliber countermeasures, while still having the R-60Ms (the best Su-22 at 10.7).

Some other notable aircraft around that BR are:
AJS37 with only 24x countermeasures,
JA37C with only 48x large caliber countermeasures,
F-5E with only 45x countermeasures (same with F-5E FCU),
F-1 with no countermeasures (although it’s at 10.3),

Yak-141 / MiG-29 with only 60x countermeasures.

Mirage 2000C-S4 with only 54x countermeasures… etc.

I think the only real issues are the 12.0 aircraft with 60x countermeasures, as they really do struggle at 12.7. 11.7 aircraft seem to rarely go to 12.7.
The F-1, Su-17M2, and the Hungarian / USSR Su-22M3s all suffer around 10.3/10.7 due to not having any countermeasures / barely having any, and almost always facing some sort of all-aspect missile.