Flares and chaff

Is there a reason why flares and chaff spawn behind planes in live games, but spawn from the correct location in test flight?

Or is it a bug?


Update, it’s snails spaghetti code. i’ve uploaded some picture explaining it.

Bug report


I’d give it a week. Flares and chaff are universally buggy.

Live matches go through the server, Test flight go through the client. Server desync and bugs can be more common in matches.

Submit a bug report for it. But hopefully all CMs will be fixed ASAP


Gaijin’s spaghetti code in a rushed patch gave rise to a lot of countermeasure-related issues. Best thing you can do is make bug reports for whatever problems you encounter and give the devs some time to iron out the issues. Stuff like this happens essentially every major patch, and gets (mostly) fixed.

Not gonna lie, flares and chaff have always been this way though(for years)…Which is what made it seem it was intentional.

Anyways i’ve submitted a bug report for it and we’ll see what Snail says.

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