Flare pod for yak 38M

i think it would be reasonable for yak 38 to be given SPS-141 flare pod

although sps-141 pod was meant for mig 21, it can tehnically be mounted on any aircraft with compatible pylons

here is F4 phantom equipped with soviet SPS-141 flare pod (i couldnt find pictures of yak-38 being equipped with them)

and hell, if F4 phantom can take them on, then yak 38 surely could!

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No, because Yak-38 isn’t even wired for countermeasure support.


Yes and then swing it to 10.3 so it doesn’t bully 8.3 anymore with r60s.



That SPS-141 pod doesn’t have the countermeasures, it’s from a Su-22.

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huh? so those lines in there arent filled with flares or what?

what would be used for then?

To try and fool radar locks



oh! very cool! but this merely means it could still receive aam protection in form other than flares, right?

Uhh, no. The Yak-38 can’t use the SPS-141. And besides, ECM hasn’t been implemented.

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how do you know this? there’s no way soviet army would spend so much effort into developing VTOL aircraft and not equipping it with some sort of aam protection while keeping it this stiff. surely it could use some other type of protection?

Because there is no evidence that it could. In reality the Yak-38 was complete junk. It could only stay airborne for about 15 minutes, and it could barely take off its full payload let alone any ECM.

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Well the F-5C has flares and that NEVER had them, so its a complete cop out excuse to claim it cant have them because it didnt in real life

while you are right, the argument is made that the F-5A exported to US allies has mounted countermeasures and is well documented with them, meanwhile the Yak-38 never had any countermeasures system even designed for the airframe. Gaijin would essentially have to invent a dispenser for the Yak-38

F5C didn’t have countermeasures no matter how Gaijin is spinning the argument. Also Smin replied, and while not directly saying it, shows that flares were only added for balancing reasons… same why the F5C in WT has Aim-9E’s fitted while in reality they didn’t use those (see pictures – they used external fuel tanks)…

Anyway, I stick to my original argument. Add flares to the Yak-38 and move it up in BR to at least 10.0. 8.3-8.7 should not have to deal with R60s regardless of the abysmal flight performance the Yak-38 has. And yes I’m of similar opinion on things like the A4N/Ayit, AV8, or F104A/C for that matter.

You’re not getting what I’m saying. I know very well the F-5C never used flares, and I agree that its just a balancing measure to sell the premium, but the F-5A airframe (which the F-5C was based off of) had a countermeasures dispenser made for it, which theoretically would fit the F-5C because its essentially the same fuselage barring the refueling boom. The Yak-38 on the other hand simply never had anything designed to fit it, or any variant of it, which is why I am saying Gaijin will have to “invent” a CM dispenser for it

Is this a flare dispenser? (Just asking)