Flarakrad has 4 launch tubes?

Found an old book about some tanks etc.
looked in it and on a page i found a Flarakrad Roland 2 with an image with 4 launch tubes instead of 2

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book is called
Moderne Gefechtswaffen. Technik. Taktik. Einsatz by David Miller

Screenshot 2024-04-12 232141

Exact same truck in same place and angle but with only two tubes.
i think its a place where the maker takes promo photos of prototypes and new models that are for sale.
i don’t think a 4 tube version has been put into service.

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This one is definitely fake because both rails are stacked.
In the actual test bed for this the secondary rails lie outward from the primary. Like this
Afaik, this is a German analogue to the French Roland M3S.
Only difference is.
This picture is by Euromissile.
While the first one is from Rheinmetall/ MAN.