FlaRakPz being totally useless

this vehicle is currently just an entertainment vehicle for shooting fireworks. It cannot track any plane properly with its bad radar, and you can forget about hitting anything with its missiles, any simple turn will make rolands miss and if you are flying away from the flarakpz you can even disregard them at all, roland wont catch up to you xD then the fact it gets only 2 to launch and you have to wait for it to explode to reload is pathetic.
Its best not to use its radar at all because it keeps losing lock even to planes at ~2-3km away without obstacles and it will ruin your aim when it does, the only use flarakpz has is killing drones (which also can dodge rolands XDD)
gepard 1a2 and ozelot are better in every aspect than this “AA”


The rolands were recently buff’d but it’s not enough for them to be effective at 10.3. Slow su25s can dodge them with minimal effort still. They are better than their first implementation with the missile physics… But it’s not hard to beat something total unusable. Currently they are borderline useless. They need another buff imo for them to actually be useful at the BR, they need to be more responsive for a thrust vectoring missile, they need to recenter in the crosshair instead of flying off wildly. One of the most important things is the rolands definitely need an abort missile option so you can start the reload sequence.

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su25 can not only dodge them, it can outrun them too. Rolands are pathetically slow and lose energy quickly while also turning like poop

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I gave this bs vehicle another chance
It failed to hit a simple maneuvering a4e, cant hit a flying straight su25, didnt kill a helicopter with a head on pilot hit and got stolen a frag by a stinger.
This vehicle is so bad that ww2 era AA is better at top tier than it.
Radar is very very very very very unreliable, jitters mouse too much. You cant aim it manually because smoke from the missile hides the plane entirely

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I can still get 5+ kill games against CAS but only against REALLY retarded players and such matches are once in a blue moon, the main problem is that the Roland 3 missles simply isn’t pulling the 20Gs they should and always stray off target.
Also the FlaRakPz turret slew rate is comically low for a SPAA of the tier which also contributes to the horrible handleing


All the rolandsl systems were absolutely decimated in the missile changes recently, in the name of realism they completely destroyed their maneuverability, the rate they recenter the crosshair and respond to player inputs, laughably in this (realistic) update they still didn’t add its two stage motor with the 2nd being a essentially smokeless motor.

The Begleit is a better AA than this thing.


Working as intended.
You aren’t allowed to dunk on premium helis/planes, they might feel bad about themselves.

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