Most of the time , when i spawn the F2G-1 , flaps wont work , the combat Flaps. Only if i get close to the grownd , Landing flaps will activate. So , i cant use combat flaps only after i go back to airfield. This hapents at list 8 ot of 10 Air spawns.

Have you checked that you are not to fast?
are you relying on automatic flaps or manual?
Screenshot 2024-03-26 204435

the corsair flaps have speed protection, they will not extend at speeds where they risk ripping, they won’t extend until your below the speed of their rip but will not retract if you go above that speed

You guys are right…i wonder how come i didn’t notice that earlier. I have 718 Respawns on it . i’m dumb. I wonder how many other planes have speed protection for flaps.

On a test flight with the F2G-1, if I lower combat flaps below rip speed, they’ll lower, then if I go above rip speed, they automatically retract, and if I go back below rip speed they lower again.

If I start with them retracted and above rip speed, then I hit flaps and it says it goes to combat flaps but they don’t lower, but when I go below rip speed they lower automatically.

Another plane I tested is a little different. The Typhoon Mk Ib/L – if you try to hit flaps button above rip speed you’ll get a message “Flaps blocked at high speed”. Unfortunately, if you’re above Landing flap rip speed then you get the message when trying to use combat flaps even when you’re below combat flap rip speed (and above landing flap rip speed).

I haven’t tested other planes.

So I think things are a little buggy or unclear.

I don’t recall seeing an update note with this mention of flap speed limiting, but then I don’t see them all. So I’m not sure when it all started.

just look through the wiki, most planes in general have some sort of flap speed limit. if not ripped and falling off then a hindrance to deploy