"Flanking is Not Allowed"

Now this game turn into CoD with tanks for those casuals needed yay are to completely for get that you put trash like these in RB mode when it should only exist in AB right?

Reworked APHE shells

^ is that going to be a buff or nerf?

Hopefully not a nerf. They need to buff other shells not nerf APHE.

I banned this map for this reason and that it is a horrible modeled map for people that don’t have higher quality devices because of how close the buildings are and all the destruction in a close range. My poor poor Xbox can not handle it.

Nerf. The damage will spread out primarily in a cone going forwards like real APHE shells instead of going everywhere in a sphere like it does now. This makes APHE much more realistic.

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Shit. My poor T-10M and Object 279, when it’s going live?

Maybe the Object 279 can finally be balanced.

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Alright, I’ve read someone post says that we actually received this cone shape sharpnel damage nerf for the APHE some months ago, then Gaijin reverted it back? And we are looking for them to reintroduce the cone shape post pen damage for APHE?

Those have too much filler to suffer

I believe so, but it says it will be based on player voting results which to me implies that it will be a vote on if we want it to remain unrealistic but better or realistic but worse. I am very much for the change; I hope the vote votes to change APHE because I want it to be more realistic.


A has at least 2 new flanking routes.
C’s flanking route is unchanged.

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Do you know if it’s supposed to replicate an effect similar to shrapnel shells?

So basically should be like this then? Got the image from Reddit just by googling lol

You missed the part in description that the decision to implement the changes will be subject to voting.