Flakrakrad unbalanced

It’s the worst toptier SPAA. Reduce price massively or buff it. It got only 2 SAMs then you have to reload, no guns. When any aircraft or ground vehicle is close you’re dead. while the rest of the SPAA’s has 8-12Missiles and guns. It’s a great SPAA but when you compare it to other SPAA’s at the same BR it’s the worst by alot no doubt. It also doesn’t get the best SAM stock unlike every other Nation/SPAA


If you look at the Flakkrad vs Pantsir it’s just ridiculous. The Pantsir should have a BR of 12.7

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Im just waiting for gaijin to add the iris-T spaa for quite a few nations.

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One of the FlaRakRad problems is its terrible mobility, caused by its completely made up gearbox.
7-speed gearbox does not exist for the MAN 8x8 KAT1 truck.

It should have ZF 16S 16 speed transmission.


+1 buff it I cant tell you how many times it should have killed me while I was in russian CAS