Flakpanzer IV (3 cm Flakvierling) ‘Zerstörer 45’

Can we have the wirbelwind 3cm this thing is more real than Ostwind II.

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This would be a monster! twice the firepower of the kugelblitz, but no idea how tracking a target would be like, any idea on how fast the turret rotation/elevation is??

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For elevation it has the same structure of the wirbelwind so the elevation is mostly the same. For turret rotation i don’t really know about it but from what i have red it sed the following:

The Zerstörer 45 was more or less just an improved Wirbelwind, so it would have utilized many of the same components. The nine-sided open-topped turret’s overall design would likely have been the same, with some minor changes. It was open to the top in order to provide a better view of the surroundings and to reduce overall construction costs. This would have also helped remove the gun fumes properly, as the Germans never properly developed a full-enclosed anti-aircraft turret with an adequate ventilation unit. Each of these nine-sided plates was built by welding two angled armored plates. The lower plates were angled outwards and the upper ones were angled towards the inside. The angled armor provided some extra protection but, in general, it could only protect the crew from small-caliber weapons or splinters. The upper front armor plate, between the Flak barrels, had a small hatch that could be opened to allow the gunner to see and engage ground targets.

In order to make the construction of this vehicle easier, no extra traverse mechanism was provided. The turret was instead traversed by using the main gun traverse. The new turret was, in essence, just an extended gun shield. The ring-shaped turret base was welded to the hull top. To help with the rotation, ball bearings were added into this base, which made turret movement much easier.

This tank was already leaked some time ago

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