FK-1000 - The chinese equivalent of the Pantsir

eh ill see, i have 1-2 more chinese anti air suggestions in mind :)

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I assume would be 12.0 BR after Tor-M1 at rank VIII

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Bruh, why not EVERYONE gets Pansir equivilent instead of not letting a tech tree get one because “WEsTeRn CoUntRY” doesnt have them.


1 is already dumb enough

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China should have gotten literally anything else besides the Tor.

Not only is it a PoS, but its not even a unique, domestic system and certainly isn’t a good enough SPAA to be a Pantsir equivalent in BR, all the while the actual Pantsir equivalents (FK-1000 and 2000) are nowhere to be seen.



Yes! At MINIMUM they should have gotten the HQ-17A. Sure it is essentially a clone of the Tor, but it is at least domestic and swaps the tracks for wheels. The upgraded FM-2000 and HQ-11/FM-3000 could easily come after.


What’s the difference between FK-1000 and Sky Dragon 12?

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Sky Dragon 12 doesn’t have guns, iirc.

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missiles are shorter range, if im not mistaken, it has a 12km range, also no gun and worse radar