Fixthe Gepard APDS problem please

over and over and over again those 35mm cannon penetrates armor form impossible angle and “weak points” that don’t exist at all. fix your damage model and armor please.

Imagine when they add the Chinese CS/SA5.

That fires APFSDS at a far higher RPM than the Gepard.

It’s gonna be delectable…

gonna be a disaster for gaijin. Can’t really expect them to fix bugs or op vehicles or br anyway.

I am also waiting for the Skyranger with 1200rpm for germany

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30mm APFSDS at 1200rpm hehe.

There’s also the 35mm variant that’s capable of the exact same thing.

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The Chinese 30mm is 8000 RPM with APFSDS.
And the FK-2000 has 4 of those. For a combined 32000 RPM. (Would have to be quite restrained in War Thunder, I’d reckon)

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Anything with a caliber lower than 40mm IIRC doesnt get effected by volumetric shells, making it a lot more likely for them to pen in some odd area

I do wonder whats the ammo count for it ?
if it is like 400 or 800 rounds that’s just a short burst and you are out of ammo :D

Question is when would we see it in the game
And will it perform properly or get gaijined? XD

It’s a lot more than 400-800 rounds. I believe it should be around 2000.
Also, correction.

The FK-2000 doesn’t have four guns, it has two. So that’s 16000 RPM, not 32000 RPM. My bad.
The PGZ04A (95) has 4 guns in-game and I just got used to it.


GAU-8 M60 go brrrrr.

Well. They will give it the Otto treatment. Limit your APDS to…let’s say…10 seconds of continuous fire.

That looks pretty cool.