Fixing the TES with all available research

From what Ive read it isnt an anti-era tip like m829a2 or dm53 use but that the round is intentionally designed shorter and stubbier than other contemporary rounds, sacrificing raw penetration for a higher resistance to the “snapping” that heavy ERA uses to defeat apfsds. Considering Britain was involved in m829a2’s development before designing L27a1 its fair to assume that they saw some benefit in this design and this trade was worthwhile

devs reading this thread

“Write that down…write that down!!”


It has been nearly a month

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Could ask a suggestion mod?

Guess i will do that. Any suggestion who to dm or just anyone?

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@Gunjob for UK community manager role! :D

Pretty sure he already sorta serves that role haha

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Definitely, a legend for it as well

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Aye, has been a huge help in passing my suggestions to the acknowledged stage. Huge fan of their work :)

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what do i missed? Dev acknowledge that TES are bad and they start fixing it?

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No lmao

shhh, let him dream

No but the ammo stowage bins have apparently been buffed from 5mm steel to 25mm so charges “shouldnt” die to shrapnel without the bins being penetrated now

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That’s good, perhaps after another 3 years we’ll see them fix the TES ERA lmao

It gonna be best dream i ever had too bad it just typical nightmare

Cheers everyone, always nice to get positive feedback.


I wish the guy in charge of Germany could break radio silence and actually communicate with us like you, Smin at least shows up in our threads (despite being pretty indifferent)

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Smin has to be indifferent. He’s the community manager, so I suspect alot of his statements are vetted or held back so it’s not misinterpretted.

well then who’s the German manager? I’ve never seen him before (not even in our top threads)

Don’t believe we have a german focussed technical moderator, though @Smin1080p could tell you.

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