*FIXED* The patch makes me disconnect from every match

I got an update this afternoon and I was able to play a match just fine. Then every sequential match will kick me to the garage with the crews locked on a cool down timer and it won’t let me back into the match. I’m able to play for about 5-10 minutes then I get kicked out. In addition; I did a speed test and checked other online games, turned off my “TotalAV”, no dice.

Edit: Same issue as yesterday, guess I’ll take a break until the snail has it working.

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same here, same in other posts. reinstall wont help actually. not playable

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If you use the gaijin launcher, there’s a P2P sharing portion to it in the options, and if you turn that off it may fix your issue.

But if you also use wifi, this would compund the issue more by spamming the traffic on the wifi connection.

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Day 3 of getting kicked out of matches…

yes. that sucks hard. ive got a notice that many player reported me for leavin…haha. not funny. i wrote, that i want a refund for premium days as long this horrible bug lasts

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When you do speedtests, check to another area, not just your local.

There’s apparently a submarine cable that took a hit last month, and when that sort of thing happens, the traffic gets rerouted, but it also means that more traffic on the arterial routes leading to issues for others.

But also what else is actually the deal here too. Are you on wifi (As in local wifi), or on a cellphone connection? (Both worst case scenarios)

If you’ve turned off the p2p section of options in the launcher, I’d be checking other sources.

Torrenting or even sending emails out can make you lose connection. Used to always have emails being sent with big images disconnecting me. Would end up on spawn, doing doughnuts to drop out.

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Edit: *Day 5 of getting dropped at the 5:15-5:20 mark of every game.

Important: I’m getting kicked out at exactly 5:15’s of every match, down to the second.

Day four of getting kicked out of every match.

Thanks for replying! Yes I do check speedtests to other areas.

Submarine cable? lol

It’s a local wifi at my business, we have the fastest internet available. I have tried connection with other games and there’s no issue logging in or playing any other games just war thunder.

I’ve turned off P2P a very long time ago.

I don’t run music or anything like when I play, no streaming, etc.

It doesn’t do the spinning in place thing, it all of a sudden closes out the match like it’s done and then kicks me to the garage with all crews locked and a five minute timer. Happens every single time I play except yesterday I was able to get one short match in.

Yea, kick the wifi man… I’d even try make it a lot more stable, at the detriment of throughput.

Instead of connecting at n speeds, try g, and if really bad try b.

Another would be to use a VPN over to the router to make the encapsulation of the VPN work better at hiding the dropped packets and jitter from the client.

((Edit - Even further, I’d even crank out a powerline adapter set to try and make a physical connection more if you have ethernet on the gaming machine))

I own a stripbar in California and we have a great fast reliable T1 line, every game works fine except for War Thunder. I took my computer home and it’s dropping me at around 5 minute mark of every single game. This started when they patched the game last. Appreciate your time flyingdoctor, I’ve seen you around posting.

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How reliant are you on the wifi, because yea, that can cause trouble, and be sure to turn off those options in the gaijin launcher if you are using it, if you’re on steams launcher I don’t think it affects it as it doesn’t actually fire up the launcher.

Patched this morning, still getting kicked at 5minute mark every game.

I’m having the exact same issue as well, and like you said it was when the update patch dropped it started happening. My TotalAV firewall keeps blocking the “Client 64” file every time i get into a match, but seeing as turning Total AV off doesn’t fix it I don’t know what’s causing this. Probably won’t be able to play until they fix this, because this is pretty inhibiting. Done everything short of reinstalling the client so, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Welcome to the forums Drunken and Congrats on your first post, sorry it had to be a technical one. Yeah I’m having the same issues as you, I still go and try to play a match every day but I’m kicked out at the 5+min mark. This is so annoying and is keeping us from enjoying the game.

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hey! I’ve been having this exact problem too. Every single game for the last week and a half at the 5min 23/24sec mark and i have tried so much. Clearing cache, wifi, dxdiag, updating hardware, deleting and uninstalling. It is impossible for me to enjoy the game or do anything with constantly getting kicked. I have filed a couple help desk tickets and have received nothing. I’m right here with you guys. This sucks. This is what i reported:

"I’ve been playing for the last day and every single match I get in, regardless of how I am playing I keep getting kicked out of matches. I’ve browsed these forms and fixed all possible problems. My ISP is totally fine. Good ping, no PL. My driver is updated. I’ve restarted my computer. I’m not playing toxic or unfairly and every single match I get kicked out halfway through the match. It gives me no warnings, error signs, or anything. It’s like I never played. The screen it boots my too also reports no projected gains (I don’t care about RP or SL, I still receive after the match ended from my play time.). It also locks my crew for variable amounts of time. Not sure what to do or how to fix / mitigate what’s going on.

I began getting a chat ban warning which I have shown in the screenshots however that effected nothing and I wasn’t banned from typing in these games. Or any. The warning also has gone away since and the same problem exists."

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In another thread, checking the network is set to private instead of a public setting may have had effect.

Mine is currently set to private, and its still happening, I’m gonna try to see if anything changes if i set it to public.

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Yea, don’t… You want to then review your firewall settings, because it’s quite easy to have the firewall possibly blocking something like EAC or something leading to this drop-out of 5:15-5:30…

If you’re at home, then private is the network setting for you to use.

Googling more, another suggestion would be to make an exclusion for windows defender for the game folder as well.

Okay but what in the last patch would break all of this stuff for us?

Doesn’t matter what’s changed… You’ve been going about saying that everyone is having this issue and saying it’s the game, ignoring the advice and attempts to get info back from it.

So really, if you aren’t trying this or trying to fix the issue, can you actually step back because unless someone actually asks the questions, and gets the feedback then nothings going to change and everyone will sit there continuing to say it’s just the game.

I’ve done 100% of what you asked and directed everyone else, it didn’t help.