Fixed SU-22M3 flares amount!



So it should have the same amount of flares like SU-22UM3K from german tech tree!!!

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even if its just a modification, i support this change!
made a report about this?

Sure, but you still need to provide more sources, books are preferred, and make a bug report.
Or just get the Su-17/22M4, those are just better anyway.

Nah, SU-17M2 don’t have flare at 10.3, SU-17M4 at 11.0 will face f-16 and mig-29 so I think SU-22M3 is more enjoyable at 10.7

It won’t? 11.0 rarely sees 12.0 now, out of 15 games i played with the 17M4 yesterday only 1 was a full uptier, everything else was 11.3 tops.

If those are flare only then I reckon it’s probably like the Tornado. Adding them at the moment would mean they are CMs. So both flare and chaff. Which wouldn’t be accurate. Once we get split CMs and get separate flare and chaff counts. Then these would be an easy add. I think the mig29SMT has the same problem.