Fix the F-4E

Heres the 1979 F-4E flight manual. Please fix the F-4E.


What is the problem with it

the radar is nerfed to hell, has the cockpit of an F-4B and the seeker of the missiles dont even line up with the sight in the cockpit

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Alright well you’re going to need to create a bug report for it

Upload it to google drive and then share it.

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It’s the same doc at

For radar and weapons, a dash 34-1-1 is required.

Maybe you do a bug report with it

Will, that is not how you link a file…

Also that is not going to achieve anything. Things aren’t fixed because someone posts the manual with “plz fix”. If you have a specific issue you can report it on the CBR // Issues

Its one issue per report and please pay attention to the source material requirements.

WARNING: Please note! Any information or sources deemed restricted (not cleared for public release) by their respective ownership will not be accepted and will be dealt with according to any legal requirements.

What is appropriate source material for historical issues?

OEM Manuals (primary source): User manuals, repair manuals, factory manuals, operating manuals, technical manuals etc. Single source is required (preferred source).
Authored works (secondary source): Reference books on collections of vehicles/aircraft/ships (‘coffee table books’), biographies, specialist books, “expert” opinion publications, industry magazines etc. At least two unrelated sources required.

You need to provide the following information about the source:

  • Title and if applicable: publication date, document number, ISBN;
  • Author or organisation;
  • Image of the cover;
  • Images of all the referenced pages and their page numbers;
  • References for photographs;
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Heres the weapons delivery manual. What F-4E do we even have in war thunder?

Can you elaborate on this?

A lot of Phantoms are still using placeholder cockpits, updated cockpits come as and when they are ready, I understand its been in the game some time now but thats just how it is.

This is likely because the F-4C cockpit it uses is pretty old now and was before we had that kind of functionality in game.

What block F-4E do we have in game?

I don’t think they’ve modeled a specific block.

So stuff from DMAS upgrade is relevant?

Sure you could make a suggestion for it.

So I can use this source?

Yes that is okay to use. In the future you don’t need to share the whole doc to the entire forum, PM a tech mod with screenshot of the front cover.