Fix the F-111 AARDVARK

Hello to all that read this, it appears to seem Gaijin has nerfed the F-111 incorrectly about its speed at sea level. Stated below it is an article covering the F-111, and this is public information from the F-111 case study of 2003.

5.6.1 Mach 1.2 Sea Level Dash
The most important requirement that affected nearly every component on the F-111
was the capability to fly at Mach 1.2 at sea level as part of the Lo-Lo-Hi nuclear penetration
mission. This requirement drove the structure, the avionics, the aerodynamics, and the
propulsion system of the F-111.
Low altitude supersonic flight imposes heavy buffeting on an aircraft as it flies in the
turbulent lower atmosphere, necessitating a stiff structure capable of withstanding such heavy
and erratic loads. The sea level dash speed was not the F-111’s top speed. At high altitude,
it could fly at much faster speeds, up to Mach 2.5, while under less structural load because
the air is less dense and less turbulent. Had the low altitude dash been specified at high
subsonic speeds, the structural requirement would have been much easier to meet.