Fix J35's damage model

The J35 is a flying fuel tank yet somehow it’s impossible to deal any significant damage to it in one or two passes; i’m so tired of outplaying j35 noobs that kill me 1 shot or shoot me down with the flare ignoring aim9j’s after I extend while I leave them with a tiny hole in a wing. We not only have to put up with the fact it’s one of the fastest planes in the entire rank 7, but also it goes toe to toe with the mirage 2000 in a 1v1.

It will never cease to amaze me how frail the f-5c is compared to that thing. In my opinion they all should be given 60 or more flares and moved to 10.3, 11.0 and 11.3 respectively. The F-5C has flares it didn’t have in real life to avoid it from curbstomping 9.7, why shouldn’t the j35’s have more flares too to avoid curbstomping their whole damn BR bracket?

The latest example I have is this:

see how the bullets of the j35d absolutely crippled my plane without even touching it, but I shoot at it’s wing point blank and all i get is a “HIT”.

I can link more bullshit like this if you want, cause it’s constant.

Its called stealth belts. Aka the only thing Swedes get for most of their 30mm akans.

Honestly its hard not to cripple it. Some amount of damage to the J35 and it gets exceedingly happy to flatspin or functionally uncontrollable to fly.

There is in my experience not a lot to fix with its damage model.


Also, flare properly by dropping afterburner or making the flare cross your engine plume.


it is funny that you claim that the j35 damage model needs to be fixed when your video only shows that the f5c damage model is the one that actually broken, you should have been completely obliterated from that burst of 30 mm.

Btw most of your shots completely miss him.


Didn’t saw flare ignoring missiles in your vid

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All Akan M/55s have tracers

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Yeah the J35 seems to be good an I have done the same maneuver you did with same results never hitting.

He hit you with at least 2-3 30mm HE shells.
You barely touched him with what looks to be (by the damage) a single AP round.

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ah my bad, for some reason i didnt think they brought tracers all the way up to the J35D and just had it on the export planes and the lower BR planes like the SK-60B and Saab 105G

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I want to say it was a relatively recent addition, but not a Swedish player. So don’t quote me on that

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It was. They were only added a few months ago.

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Phew… Glad I’m not totally crazy then 🤣

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it’s fine, you’re using 20mm guns on a large Jet

the J35 is using 30mm guns on your flimsy F5

my opinion they all should be given 60 or more flares

aight so hear me out we do this and dont change the BR