Fix German Plans

Hello everyone,
It would be desirable to keep in mind in the German aircraft research tree that there is still no Phantom with AIM7 AIM120B or AMRAAM that were used by all Phatom F/E/ICE versions.
10x F-4E US serial number/Bundeswehr registration number 75 -0628 to 75-0637
175x F-4F US serial number/Bundeswehr registration number 72-1111/37+01 to 72-1285/38+75
88x RF-4E US serial number/Bundeswehr registration number 69-7448/35+01 to 69-7535/35+88
The RF-4E were sold to Turkey and Greece in the 1990s, and the F-4F was used as an interceptor until the summer of 2013.
You would have had the opportunity to release one of the versions as premium for a long time, even the German Tornado carries radar missiles .

there are suggestions already for some of these phantoms:

The ICE will probably added soon

The F we have ingame wasnt able to fire aim7s iirc


Yep, the radar wasnt capable of guiding it.

And the ICE could guide them but not carry as the ejector rails were modified for AIM-120

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Ich hoffe gajin fügt noch die Schweizer F-5E Tiger II , Mirage IIIRS Fl und später dann F/A-18C Panthers und Falcons oder macht wie bei den anderen nationen eine Schweizer Linie in den Forschungsbaum. Wenn ich sehe was die Briten beispielsweise alles in den Forschungsbaum gehämmert bekommen.