I have been playing the STRV-81 for like 60 Matches in a row now and it is really hard trying to get something done with it just because APDS is so whacky / nerfed in this Game.

Penetration and post pen DMG seems more like a dice throw everytime whether it actually does something or not. Many times where it couldn’t penetrate even a light Tank from the side, a lot of times where post pen did absolutely nothing even when hitting the Ammo or a crew Member.

I lost so many engagements and safe kills not due to lack of Skills but just because the APDS decided to do nothing.

It probably is so nerfed due to some WW2 Tanks having access to APDS but the Cold War Vehicles with it really suffer due to it. And even some WW2 ones like the Pvkv IV feel so pure random when you use the APDS

Maybe there should be two APDS in the Game. WW2 APDS and CW APDS which are basically the same but CW APDS doesn’t have all those whacky and nerfed mechanics in it


All these stabilised tanks around the 7.0 to 7.7 region would be 8.0 to 8.3 if apds worked as it should. The fact it just shatters on side skirts is ridiculous. Most of the time it’s punching a similar size hole through a tank as apfsds yet has a fraction of the spall.

Well, if that happens to you with the APDS, I don’t want to imagine when you use the HEAT-FS and the missiles, how much worse than the APDS.

HEAT-FS and Missiles at least seem to be working as they should for the most part but APDS is intentionally/artificially so whacky and nerfed which is ridicilous - especially when you pay real Money for a Vehicle with Ammo which then doesn’t work as it should…

I assure you that HEAT and missiles do not work well at all, in fact if there is a possibility it is better to use an APDS over a HEAT-FS as the main ammunition, and leave only the HEAT-FS for heavily armored tanks that rebound the APDS.
In all tanks with a 105mm cannon, the APDS is always used before the HEAT-FS, because the damage is infinitely more consistent with the APDS.

Has been to long since i even played a Vehicle with those. Never really using Missiles tbh, only Tank im using with Missiles atm is the Strv-81 Rb52 but i only ever once made use of them lol

With HEAT-FS i have no idea how they are supposed to perform IRL but most Stuff here doesn’t as in RL due to balancing reasons but i find it really a shame and misleading that you are exposed to not just nerfed Ammo which wouldn’t be all to bad but the outright RNG aspect is i think really a no-go.

Happens with HE as well, 100 Matches with the VIDAR aiming for basically always the same 2-3 Spots and it really shows just show inconsistent / random it can be - not fun.
The APDS on the Strv-81 as well so many times where there is no post-pen effect at all.

Like i just had a Match where a Rooikat tanked three APDS which penetrated but did nothing at all.

This is just very shady of them to do their Customers especially when you pay Money and all the Ammo is just RNG and the protection analysis inaccurate.

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You see the rounds are shattering and the shattered fragments shatter into water to splash into the enemies faces

Yea…HE also sometimes likes to turn into a Waterballon it appears.

Hit the cupola and it one hits, another time it doesn’t, protection analysis is as inaccurate as it can get - 90% of all the spots where it shows it should one hit with a HE dont do anything at all

spend like half an hour just looking through all BR7-BR9 USSR Tanks i can encounter with the VIDAR and its just so inconsistent, most of the time it works but quite often same tank, same spot, same angle and nothing

Get the Vickers Mk1 and the Cent Mk 10. They have awesome APDS.

105mm APDS is fine imo yes

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I don’t know i can’t really get the APDS to work for me. Maybe Skill Issue but in no other Vehicles have i gotten so many non-pens, shell shatters, doing nothing after pen than in the time i played Strv-81 and now Strv-101

I get more results with APDS than I dont, perhaps once you get to the point where you know where the enemy gunner is then its not as bad but even then most of the time I dont have to aim for his goofy ass anyway, hell sometimes APDS can completely crew wipe, but its usually in cases where it has enough room to spall, tight confined tanks are potentially harder to kill than a much larger open vehicle, such as a Jagdtiger or King Tiger which are much easier to crew knock with a frontal penetration

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