First of all cheater here is Gaijin! see pack premium Mig 23 ML

Missile R 24
no IRCCM no ECCM on the specs but ignore all flares or chaffs
Pack pay to win
nothing else

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well - IRCCM or ECCM, are both 2 on-board missile systems.

yet those are not relevant for FoV and other kind of Flare/Chaff Rejection.

The R-24R is a SARH missile, and the Mig-23ML has an MTI radar. so chaff and flares are useless, just as with any jet with SARH missiles with a MTI or PD radar


@Cpt_Bel_V Don’t pretend you don’t understand what I’m talking about. When Gaijin puts in the missile specs: IRCCM yes; This is because it is less sensitive to countermeasures and the capabilities of the missiles are hardened. there is none of that regarding the R24 and yet it is the one that resists the best; unrealistic given the date of its design and that generation of missiles.

@T3ddy4 R24T is IR missile and R24R Sarh missile . MTI (moving target indicator) is a radar mode inferior to Pulse doppler more modern) some other Pulse Doppler ingame are lured by the chaffs, so chaffs can be effective (see F-14 AWG 9 or F-4 AN/APG59 or Cyrano IV) … strangely not that same generation Sapfir 23??? that s not an accurate historical data…

We can debate the effectiveness of MTI as a noise filtration system, but yeah the R-24R is working as expected. Its an 80’s era missile IIRC.

It’s a long-range all-aspect IR missile. It has a small seeker FOV and does not feature any kind of IRCCM. It’s just not as sensitive to flares because of the small FOV and high gain/seeker range.

Don’t pretend you don’t know that AIM-9J is a non IRCCM missile, and still reject Flares, because of OTHER SYSTEMS.

So,… basically what you think is that all missiles without IRCCM called “on”, should be as flareable as an AIM-9B,… no,… as an R-3S that is,…

You want to play stupid, you can,… but don’t think you’re right thinking that ONLY IRCCM is rejecting flares,…

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9J seeker in code:


R-24T seeker in code:

Some missiles are more sensitive to flares than others for many factors other than IRCCM. Logically, a long-range all-aspect IR missile from the 70s-80s is less sensitive to being decoyed than an AIM-9J even though neither feature IRCCM

Rangeband breakdown:


Band 0 = Rear-aspect distance
Band 1 = Not afterburning all-aspect distance
Band 2 = Decoy distance (Sun or flare)
Band 3 = IRCM distance
Band 6 = DIRCM distance
Band 7 = Afterburning all-aspect distance

So, you can see that the 9J is more sensitive to decoys than it is to aircraft, while the R24T is more sensitive to aircraft than it is to decoys in rear-aspect.

If you want to successfully flare missiles like the R-24T, 9L, etc. You should deploy multiple flares in very rapid succession, increasing the odds of it going to a flare instead of you.

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R-24T has a low FOV meaning it can see your AB better than other missiles.
R-24R with MTI mode does indeed ignore chaff just as all other CW radar missiles do in that mode.
You have to notch while chaffing like all other radars in the game.
Nothing unique that isn’t on other aircraft.

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I know that,… it’s OP-Author that thinks it works otherwise,…

oops lol similar color PFP my bad

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No worries ^^"

This post is satire… right? Surely…

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i think that Syrian pilots during 82 lebanon wars would have greatly appreciate to know that …

Has to be, no person within their right mind would think like this


Ok,… then gives us proofs that those R-24T are having no Flare rejection systems whatsoever outside of IRCCM which it doesn’t have both in game and IRL.

You’re the one complainning, now prove that Your complaint ain’t a single troll/rant thread.

Anyone else here thinks that you’re wrong,…

About LEBANON 1982 War:
Syrian pilots proves nothing,…

the Syrian Airforce of that time was underequipped (syrians only got MiG-23BN attack variant and MiG-21 fighter/interceptors) / underled (since SyAAF officers failing their Coup against the current Governement in early 1982, right before Israeli offensive), and undertrainned, since civil war was raging on already.

in comparison the Israelii forces, were far more trainned/briefed on currently planned offensive, and led by their skilled officiers,…

@Pacifica : can we get this thread locked down,… this thread is clearly rant/troll with no evidences


yeah… I see no reason for this to continue…