Fires not going out on vehicle?

My Abrams was just shot in the ammo storage. It proceeded to catch on fire, fair. The ammo cooked off after taking forever. Which created a fire in my crew compartment somehow. Which was then extinguished twice, but didn’t stop burning. Then was extinguished by another players help. Still did not go out. Then eventually I couldn’t get help anymore and it killed me with a fire.

This took 3 minutes. I should not be having to wait 3 minutes if it’s something that can’t be fixed. Just kill me so I can play again. If this is a bug it needs to be fixed.

Its ridiculous and after the 20th time of it happening to me, I’ve had enough and am making a post about it.

if you mean the turret ammo storage then that fire ignites a new one in the engine/crew compartment if that part of the turret is held above the hull. the fire in the ammo storage can not be put out and you have to wait it out, the only think you can do is turn the turret so that the fire isn’t above the hull. if you cant turn it because of turret ring damage then wait as long as possible before putting out the crew/engine fires, you last a surprising amount of time on fire before crew starts taking any major damage. if you do that then with some luck you might survive until the turret fire is out.

To move the turret away from the hull in VR is sort of tricky. As the turret tends to slew where you VR view is aiming to. I am playing seated. Cannot turn myself 180 degrees ;-)

So, if the ammo storage does catch fire Why can’t I put out fires in the engine compartment 3x? I understand what you told me, which is new news that I didn’t know. This will help me not catch the hull on fire, for which I thank you.

However, this doesn’t explain why a fire in the tank can’t be put out with 3 extinguishes. I used my 2, someone else aided me, well after the ammo storage was burned out. This seems a bit ridiculous, at the end it was unrelated to my ammo which had already burned out. This was 3 fires that weren’t extinguishable .

if the turret fire is still above the hull then when you put out the fire in crew compartment it is put out BUT a new one will start just 1 or 2 seconds later because of the ammo fire.
so it isn’t that its not put out, it’s that a new one starts very fast again.

this does sound like a bug though, if it happens again, take a screenshot and report it on // Issues :)

That makes sense, I’ll record it next time and pay closer attention and see what’s happening. But I didnt know about the fire transference in the first place. So, thank you for that new info and I’ll put it into play.

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