Fire Extinguishers on Aircraft, realistc?

If I am playing in realistic and I get a fire in my wing and I use a fire extinguisher, why am I told there is no fire? Does my old WW2 Bomber has an AI detection system that that will lock out my fire extinguishers? If I choose to activate it then it should activate whether or not the fire is in the correct location. I could be hoping that the damaged area has enough perforation to flood the wing with the extinguishers contents and thus put out the fire (even if it’s not built into the game).

That’s realistic.

The fire extinguisher is in the engine compartment. It will only put out an engine fire. This is realistic.


unlike the early ones in tanks^^

Did IQ’s just drop sharply while I was away?

Did you read what I said?

Yeah, but no. I didn’t find anything about other nations, but I assume them to be basically the same. The US used CO2 based fire extinguishers for their engines. The idea being, to basically eject the fire from the engine using an inert gas. The CO2 gets injected into the air intake and into the cooling air rushing though the engine (all US bombers used radial engines). There is no “flooding the wing” if anything having perforations in the engine housing makes the extinguisher less effective, since the CO2 now cloud loose its pressure, allowing air to reenter the compartment while the system is still active reducing the chance of snuffing out the fire.

well yes but no. Yeah, you could enable the extinguishers anyway, but no why would you? it could and did often damage the aircraft, and also use up your extinguishers. that’s like saying “why doesn’t gaijin allow us to use our tank extinguishers without a fire”

that’s not how aircraft fire extinguishers work (page 7)

Why not? You can use other stuff like smoke, so why not leave it up to the user in “realistic”.

I know how they work, I wasn’t asking how they work, I was saying it was a manual activation that was up to the pilot. I’m sure if you were in a real WW2 aircraft and you had bullet holes all through your wing and fire was blazing then you would attempt and hope that perhaps if there were enough holes the fire extinguishing may escape the engine compartment and enter the wing. Not be presented with a “No Fire” written across your screen.

the fpe is not for the fuel tanks its for the engine wing fires are almost always your wing fuel tanks burning up

I know what an inert gas is, I was a fabricator working on racing cars for years. You just don’t understand what I am talking about. I’m talking about a last ditch effort, not sitting in your cockpit having an autistic conversation with yourself about Boyle’s law or something like that. I don’t see why the game cuts you out when it should be a manual decision.

When my plane is plunging on fire I would try anything.