Finnish StuGs? German StuG IV?

Not sure if this has been brought up before, as I searched the forums and did not find anything.

So I am curious why the Finns do not get the StuG III G as 59 were given to Finland. I think it would be a nice addition to the Finns as these vehicles were very important to their defensive battles in 1943 and 1944. I’ve posted a nice website that details the Finnish StuG’s. Also, another note is why do the German StuG’s not get the topfblende aka saukopf (pig’s head) gun mantlet, or even get an upgraded StuG in a StuG IV? There were over 1,100 StuG IV’s made.


I submited a suggestion for the finnish stugs in the swedish ground suggestions but it was turned down for no reason. I even added the stugs with concrete armour


That’s ridiculous! The StuG’s were Finland’s most used tracked vehicle during ww2, more than the captured T34’s and the small amount of Pz IV J’s. Also, just realized this belongs under suggestions lol…

i have talked to moderators apearently the finnish variants already exists as suggestions but under german TT but they were added before the update where finland became a sub TT to sweden.

so technically they exist and thats the reason my suggestion was turned down.

How long ago did you make the suggestion? I do not see it under the German TT or Swedish TT nor under minor countries Finland. I am thinking about making one under the suggestions.

well it would have been under moderated suggestions but as i stated it was rejected. The german suggestion is on the old forum.

Same as KV1B, KV1zis5 and T34 mod1942, gaijin would rather choose sherman and t34 mod 1941

I did a suggestion 3 days ago but it is not approved:


An upgraded StuG III would be a newer StuG III Ausführung…The StuG IV is a seperate design

From what I remember, long years ago the StuG IV has been denied by Gaijin for it wouldn’t really bring anything new to the game and Germany already has enough StuGs anyway…

The Stug IV had the same superstructure and gun as that of the StuG III G, the only difference being that the chassis was of a Panzer IV and not the III. Regardless, it would still be an upgrade with the Saukopf gun mantlet. As you’ve said the last version of the StuG III Ausf G would still be an upgrade… my suggestion would be to make it a 4.3 maybe?

Thats ridiculous, we’ve all seen them reach to add all kinds of fringe vehichles and yet they won’t add a StuG IV which is technically the last and final design of the Sturmgeschütz. They have all kinds of varriants of tanks which really do not add or subtract from game play but only add an extra tank to spawn with that is virtually identical to the one you used … they even added a ridiculous camo Tiger as a premium tank… if anything they could add the StuG IV as a premium… I would rather see it in the main tech tree, but if premium would be the only way to get it, then fine.


As I said, 'twas years ago, maybe they’ll change their mind and put it in the game. Probably as an event vehicle rather than a premium or TT…

Wouldn’t that be the Elefant?:

That was a panzerjäger for the bulk of its life, with its classification as a assault gun ending 6 months after it had entered service. Regardless, the Stu. Gesch. IV entered service December of 1943, nearly half a year after the Ferdinand had. Regardless of that, the final assault gun was the Sturmtiger.

That is a Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61, not a Sturmgeschütz. I think the plan for the 15 or 17 cm on the E-100 was the final:

Same thing. Assault guns, howitzers, tanks, and mortars all filled the role of an assault gun.

i would love to see a stug 4, su76i, and su85i into the game

Eh, id only want them if they aren’t already in the game, don’t like c+p me.