Finnish KV-1B should be moved from the German to the Swedish Tech Tree

The Finnish KV-1B being in the German Tech tree is although historically accurate, but we have the tech tree where the vehicle is actually from. So, Gaijin I kindly propose that you move the KV-1B from the German Tech Tree to the Swedish one as a non-premium heavy to make sure the Sweden gets a heavy tank.


EDIT: The KV-1B although used by Finns with the Germans needs to be moved to country/tech tree of origin.

This has been beaten over the head they wont do it since its a marketplace vehicle and it makes them money, also the KV-1A has been leaked so its likely to enter at some point hopefully.

But the forum staff did say at one point:

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You might as well change they to, “we dont want to devalue that premium from the german Tt so we wont add it, but will add another finnish heavy tank which wont have a lineup instead” seriously though this is the reason we got kungstiger over the kv-1b


I expected it to be worse tbh, I kinda that when it was added that nobody would play actual Swedish tanks at that Br, but i was wrong ive only seen it used at the start of the event, now i dont see it being used that much.

Still i hate that they used target practise over EMIL or Kranvagn, Those vehicles themselfs are debatable if they should be added, but i stand for yes, since they arent just a copy of another tank. And had a hull built. The Emil would be Swedens and only Swedens. Untill gaijin finds a sekrit document suggestiong USA, and every other TT used it.

Anyway sorry for rambling. back to KV-1B, Thats what i mean if it wouldd release for free in the finnish TT German mains gonna be salty and want refunds, Then the value of the marketplace KV-1B would plummit, And gaijin would loose a itty bitty amount of money, then they go OHNO Our money!! Then they will just revert it, and give a half-assed apology to finland/Sweden/Nor- you know what Sweden is just the scandinavian TT at this point.

If i can have my Ho Ri Prod and proto then i can have a tank that had more stuff actually made. Besides we still have ostwind in game and the current configuration is debatable as to whether it existed like that.

Blud, maybe, if as a specific unit like “Finlandmannamehere’s KV-1B”, probably is a chance for adding it to Finnish sub-tree.

Yea, but then it will become a starter pack, since that’s what Jacobs J8B is, Most (Person)´s (vehicle) are Starter pack vehicles.

I mean, although if it was added under the real Finnish designation that would make it “less noticeable”


If it’s added then it definitely wouldn’t be a starter pack. It would be either TT, prem or event/BP. Or maybe a pack kinda like the German Sherman or proto T-34

Ps. is the designation for a armoured vehicle then the number of the specific vehicle after, so here is a list of All finnish vehicle designations that Was Used/Tested/Trialed/Captured.


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  • Quote from Russian Badger

(No offence lol just Swiss means Switzerland and Swedes means Sweden)

Hehe Switzerland and Sweden in Swedish is: “Schweiz”, “Sverige”

German: Schweiz, Schweden
French: Suisse, Suède
Italian: Svizzera, Svezia

Most languages have very similar wording except Swedish. kinda…

Also a fun Swedish word: Ö = Island

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Italy as a German sub tree and combine Hungary, Poland and Czechia-slovakia as one combination tree. 0_o

Zero vehicles have been moved in War Thunder.

However, a copy-paste could occur at some point.
KV-1A also goes to Finland at some point.

Yep, should definitely be a regular tech tree vehicle for the Finnish line, it’s long overdue. Ditto for the Sturmi (StuG).

KV-1A would most likely be 4.3 or 4.7 and thus not have a lineup on sweden/finland, russia would have a lineup so again there isnt a real reason to add the A when the B could fill the lineup better.

lolwat? You think KV-1A has more armor/gun than KV-1E?

Prove it.

You’re thinking the 3.7 KV-1A 1940, finland in the aforementioned leak list is the KV-1A 1942, its the KV-1C on germany but with the original zis 5 gun. So better armor than the B but a really bad gun.