Finnish Helicopter Batallion dragonfly decal

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This is the suggestion post for the dragonfly insignia used by the Finnish Helicopter Batallion. The insignia has seen used on nearly all types of helicopters operated by the Finnish Air Force throughout the years, with slight variations. The original dragonfly decal was painted on the sides of the finnish Mil Mi-1 (SM-1) helicopters but the decal was later revamped and it has since become the more popular one.


Here we can see the revamped dragonfly insignia on the side of one Mil Mi-4 that is located in the Finnish Aviation Museum.


Here we can see the original decal that was painted on the Mil Mi-1.


Here is a closeup of the most modern version of the decal that is found on the Finnish NH90 helicopters that are still in use to this day.


Here is another closeup of the insignia, this time of the colored version. The helicopter in this photo is a Finnish Mil Mi-8


There is also some info on this decal in the Finnish aviation museum situated near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.