Finnish Air Force Day: A Decal to Celebrate!

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The Finnish Air Force is one of the oldest in the world, turning 106. It was formed on March 6th 1918, shortly after Finland declared its independence. Finland’s air force took part in the Finnish Civil War, and the Soviet-Finnish War during World War II. Today, the Finnish Air Force operates more than 150 aircraft, some of which include the American F/A-18 C and D, and the British Hawk Mk.51.

Earn the “Emblem of the Satakunta Air Command” decal!

By completing the task below you’ll be able to get yourself this decal.

When: From March 6th (11:00 GMT) until March 9th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using aircraft in the Swedish tree to receive the “Emblem of the Satakunta Air Command” decal!

“Emblem of the Satakunta Air Command” decal

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Finnish Air Force Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Neutral countries” tab in the Customization menu.

What about event vehicles? I have a rank 2 event vehicle. Often event vehicle are allowed to be used but here is no mention of it.

This is very nice.


The plane has the wrong markings on the wings and sides

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Event vehicles are only allowed during events. Nothing has changed.

is it free?

why don’t you mention that we need to pay 200 Golden Eagles for this decal anyway? i’ve wasted an hour grinding it and turns out i have to buy it… wither i did grind it or not, such a dirty act. ya’ll didn’t even mention it costs money in this devblog lol

No, you have to complete 3 battles in rank III aircraft with a 70% or higher activity.

i did complete them and got Nothing.

Did you restart your game


Because you don’t.

Replays of your games or they never happened.

That is an option, not an obligation.

Replays or you never played the 3 games required.

i don’t know how i can show you the replay’s tbh i think there is a website for that? you can check it by yourself, i don’t know the website’s name but i have no reason to lie about such thing.

all of these were rank III and above vehicles.

I’m guessing you need to play air battles. Your games look like ground battles.

It looks like you’ve completed it, however the last mission didn’t “activate” it properly.

Try go into another battle and make sure that it’s air battles only and it should activate.


I think we all owe @_MoYo an apology - I got it on my 4th game, the item having said the task was complete after 3.

Of course a bit of victim blaming helps - dude if you’d said “I think there’s a bug 'cos I didn’t get it after 3 games” no one would have called you out, but instead you had to an aggressive jerk… so there’s that :)