Finish KV-1 in germany

hey. can anyone explain to me why a finish KV-1 is in the german tech tree instead of the swedish tree? a few of my friends said it was cos sweden wasnt added to war thunder when the tank was orignaly added. but now sweden has been added and has a intire like of tanks from 1.0 to 11.7br dedicated for finland. shouldnt it be moved to the swedish tree by now??


Cause the Swedish tree didn’t exist.
It cannot be moved as it was already added.
All that can occur is a 2nd KV-1B can be added.


Some vehicles have been deleted after the addition of a new tree - such as the Italian planes in the German tree being gone now. But - the KV-1B is already a limited vehicle and therefore is already essentially “deleted” and not a part of the tech tree.

I’m more so just alluding to the fact that vehicles can indeed be deleted after new nations get added. (Not counting the Tiger 105, Panther II and Coelian as those were deleted for other reasons.)

I have the Italian planes in my German tech tree.
It’s how I have a screenshot of me getting the Mig-29 with a C202.
KV-1B is an event vehicle which means it cannot be delisted until ALL of the coupons are consumed, which won’t happen cause there’s likely at least one account with a dormant coupon on it.
Cannot be delisted.

No vehicles are moved, no vehicles are deleted.
And event vehicles cannot be delisted because they’re unique.

All that can happen is a 2nd KV-1B can be added to the game.
Much like a 2nd M8 Greyhound was added.

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Yes… That is exactly what I said…

I recommend using delist instead of delete in the future.
Delete portrays the vehicles flat out gone, non-usable; at least. Delist portrays them as non-obtainable, but still usable.


Hence the quotations.

Germany also captured LOTS of different Kw-1s and Kw-2s including the E which is the B.

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Smin also confirmed they they have no intention of adding the KV-1B to finland but any other finish vehicles for ground and air are planned eventually to be added to sweden.

That statement is incorrect.

You can find it on the original forums that is the way i read it but if youve asked him and hes stated otherwise do be my guest. Im just repeating what i read when he originally answered it.

They’ve already moved stuff like this before, eitherway there’s already a different KV suggested for Sweden with possibly some modifications so don’t really need it

They delisted non-event vehicles, and they’re still in the original tech trees.
KV-1B can and should be added though, much like M8 Greyhound for China.

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You’re correct, though gaijin does seem to take their time. Regardless i believe the kv-1a and b would be better additions as the TT tank options are lacking at 4.0 and 3.7 i try to avoid premiums because not everyone has them. Also perhaps making the kv-1b a tt would cause them to go up in BR since 4.0 is a bit low imo. 4.3 and 4.7 would be better.

did everybody forget the British Strv 81 (RB 52), it existed in the British TT before Sweden got added. For some reason this wasn’t done when Finland was added. and further more the way gaijin did this those who owned the Strv 81 (RB 52) got to keep it. like the recent Chinese PT-76

Germany has two of the following Finnish vehicles:

  • (captured) KV-IB (4.0): The KV-IB is one of the two Finnish captured KV-1 tanks from the Soviet Union during the Finnish-Soviet conflicts. This KV-IB that the Finns seized near Solomennoye, Petrozavodsk at the beginning of the Continuation War. Following the German designation of KV-1B, the Finns gave it the index number Ps. 272-1 and the nickname “Klimi”. The Finns put it into service in early 1942. It was one of the few modern tanks that the Finns had at that time,
  • Hawk H-75A-2: The French H-75 aircraft continued to see combat throughout the war, both under the control of the Allied Free French Forces and the British and under the axis Finnish who received captured French aircraft from the Germans to be used against the Soviets.

And some modified Stug III´s some variants Germany doesn’t even have… when they should at this point

Yea, agreed

Different type of vehicles. Event vs gift premium, look at magach ERA or the Ah64 Peten. Both GE vehicles that were moved to the new nation. Then look at Merkava 3D, technically not in isreal even tho the Raam Segol (i dont remember the name fully sorry) is technically a 3D with slightly less turret armor. Or the DB-3 on britain still not found on france.

Merkava 3d was event but so was the mk1 which is in the tt so its not always the case.

Wasn’t the Merkavas in the USA event vehicles?


The reason i stated that gaijin wont bring the KV-1B is because they refuse to bring back event vehicles for other nations if they can help it. Not always true but they do have a list of vehicles that shouldve been added to other tt but have yet to do so.