Final Challenger 2 Variant

Aim a brimstone? The whole nature of the missile is you fire it over an area and it will designate its own target and do the rest entirely independently

Well, you have to tell them where to go and what kind of target you want it to hunt and destroy. You don’t want it deciding your own tanks are targets after all.

Tell it to fly grid X, and when it gets there find armour, trucks etc and they will happily do that but you gotta tell it where the hunting grounds are.

cant the commander just come out and throw it?

oh wait nevermind the commander is almost allways dead…

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Brimstone wouldnt be overly complicated to integrate. Ukraine are launching them off the back of trucks/4x4s

Brimstone would make the Challenger 2 Street fighter quirkier and more fun.

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Also making it unique

but it was only a mockup

Doesn’t mean it can’t be added, like the Kronshtat

Ships have different rules

But it wasn’t, at all. This wasn’t even a mock-up of a serious proposal, it was literally some army grunts sticking [presumably inert] brimstones in an empty compartment, proped up at an angle.

I will be honest. I can see it work using in build sights and iron vision. Sadly even tho it could work it went nowhere.

realistically there’s no need to put such a long range missile on a front line vehicle, when you can launch far more of them from lighter and cheaper vehicles far behind the lines.

It was a brainstorm and not much more.

Oh yes so many other vehicles don’t bend the rules at all do they.

Not to play Devils advocate but in Ukraine Russia are using the ATGM barrel launched systems to hit targets way out of range of the conventional gun 9km…What tank commander in the world wouldn’t want access to a weapon system that could reach out and destroy far beyond the range of the tanks main armament.

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There’s videos and reports but. Sure It’s Russian so must be a lie. Critical thinking, you should try it.

Look at my name

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Apologies i’m so used to people not able to have rational conversation!

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You miss the point. There is a need for these weapons, but it is not cost effective to put them on a tank. The tank doesn’t need 40km missiles on it, when it can just call them in from a truck 10km back from the frontline that carries far more of them, or a drone or aircraft. There are more important uses of the space in that tank.