Fighter jet question

What are the two dominating ways of flying jet fighters?

Its mentioned in the wiki how to fly british venom

The Venom’s play style should be a healthy mix of the two dominating ways of flying jet fighters. The Venom is a fast aircraft, and keeping it fast is important in order to keep up with enemies and to have enough energy to sustain manoeuvres - so the Venom is indeed a good high-speed performer. However, it does not best either the MiG-15bis or the F-86F-2 in level flight. Therefore, speed alone cannot be relied on for fighting jets.

1 is definetly fly at 50ft, you are basically immune to SARH and even IR may struggle to hit you at times

I probably know the answear, you could say speed and height but that would be just 1, energy

I would guess it is just a generic reference to boom-and-zoom and turn-fighting.

(I haven’t played the FB.4 Venom as the stat card just doesn’t seem to add up to an 8.7 BR (Air RB) fighter. It may be more of a Ground RB thing with it’s bomb load)

The point about speed with teh Venom is NOT that it is faster than opponents - it is that it turns much better and with less loss of energy - it is a dogfighter, but you need speed to keep your energy up in turns.

You can out turn pretty much every other plane above 7.7 at high speeds.

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Its very nimble and even with a maxed out crew i will suffer with blackouts a lot.

Note it is a fighter bomber and will suffer in uptiers as it has no missils and no defence against them. Gaijin are evile and if they intend to put aircraft up againt higher they should give them defence for it, especially if planes like A-4’s have them on top of there op loadouts.
Gaijin likes to put vehicles in the game that never even made it past the drawing board, the british invented counter measures way before the jet age, surly they would of fitted them to jet fighter bombers if they was to face missils. Just proves what gaijin is about