Fighter Aircraft need to spawn closer to the enemy Attacker or Bomber

In Ground Battles fighter aircraft need to spawn at least within 1.25 km or 1.0 km of the target because, this spawning 2.0 km out is dumb. Most of the time you can’t stop them before they get to their target.

People keep complaining about CAS so Gaijin keep moving the planes further and further out to appease the angry masses but they won’t create a game with no CAS,they just keep ruining the game for those who like to fly.
Some have suggested planes start back at the airfield and waste half the game flying to the battle front.Sounds like fun.

I’m not complaining that they don’t spawn close enough to each other.

What are you on about then ?

I’m saying that the fighter aircraft spawn to far away from the attackers or bombers and they need to be spawned closer.

Just imagine you’re in an attacker or a bomber and you get to drop your payload and then you can either decide to commit suicide or fly on a get killed. The point is that you’ve already dropped your payload and the whole point is that you might be able to stop them before they drop it, if the game was balanced correctly.

My experience in GFAB is when I spawn it’s at a range to far away to intercept or take him out before the drop. When i fly out a bomber I’m shot down with in seconds so the spawn in really close.

Maybe all subjective but, I’ve had multiple intercepts where i could not catch up to the attacker/bomber even in a shallow/steep dive at full WEP. Same with the reverse, within seconds i come under fire, even when applying full throttle, shallow dive.

A lot of the “blame” / problems start with mismatch of bomber and interceptor. Sometimes i’ve WW2 bomber and the interceptors are post war jets. The reverse in not really a problem late super props can catch post war bombers.

Well the point is that you should spawn with a chance of taking the other plane out, not spawn like 2.0 km out and they already dropped their payload, then decided to crash instead of giving you the kill.

Agreed, i just stated that it very random what type of aircraft spawn and where they spawn.

Same thing when you spawn in front of a tree in a tank, or any other obstacle.