Fiat G59-2A

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Description: The Fiat G59 was an Italian post-war fighter derivated from the already existing G55 made by the Italian company Fiat. After the Second World War, the Italian Air Force asked Fiat to develop a new fighter based on the glorious WW2 fighter. And so Fiat started to study which engine could fit the G55 body in order to satisfy the Air Force request. Initially, Fiat studied using the Isotta-Fraschini Delta RC.40, but the idea was scrapped, and the Rolls-Royce Merlin was selected. The first prototype, made in 1948, was a twin-seat G55 with a Merlin engine from one of the P51s of the Italian Air Force. The ITAF was satisfied with the new aircraft and proceeded to place an initial order for 30 units. The first version, equipped with the Merlin 500/200, was designated as G59 1A–G59 1B and entered service in 1950. It was mainly used to train new pilots for jet aircraft. The second version, designated G59 2B, was a twin-seat version made for training, with 19 units being produced after 1950. The first armed version was the third one, the G59 A/2. This version, originally developed to satisfy an order emitted by the Syrian Air Force, was equipped with 4x 20 mm Hispano Suiza 20 mm cannons and two pilons for bombs and fuel tanks. A total of 30 units of this version were produced; 26 were bought by the Sirian Air Force, and the remaining 10 were bought by the Italian Air Force. Later, one was bought by Argentina for a test porpoise. The G59 2A in the Italian air force service was used as armed trainers (like every other version of this aircraft) or to train new pilots to fly on jet aircraft like the Vampire FB52 and F84F. The 2A was used until the early 1960s, when it was replaced by more modern aircraft like the MB326. As a last note, it is worth mentioning that the Merlin engine was more of a sidegrade than an upgrade since the G59 was inferior in almost all ways compared to the original G55 powered by the DB605.

Why it should be in game: It could give to the Italian tt a new and powerfoul 4.0 fighter before the G55 in the main line






STORMO! Special Hobby + Italian Kits 1/72 FIAT G.59-2A by Philippe Martin
SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM: Il Fiat G.59 fu un aereo da addestramento monomotore monoplano ad ala bassa a sbalzo, derivato dai precedenti G.55 Centauro e G.56
Fiat G.59 (Centauro) Fighter / Fighter-Trainer / Advanced Trainer Aircraft
Fiat G.59-2A volo – OKB01





+1 for a Merlini Fiattini!


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Would be a slower but more acrobatic G.56
Could be a lot of fun catching people off guard

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