Fiat G.50 prototype (MM.334) second camo

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Fiat G.50 prototype (MM.334) second camo.


The FIAT G.50 Freccia was an Italian fighter aircraft of the Second World War. It was the first Italian low-wing monoplane fighter with an enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear to enter production. The first operational aircraft were delivered to the Regia Aeronautica in 1938, and the first of them named with the serial number MM 334 had an interesting one that was used during flight tests of the aircraft.

The camo.

The aircraft was painted in three-tone camo (yellow, brown and dark green) in alternating lines. The first color starting from the bottom of the plane was yellow, and the last was yellow combined with the red of the final part of the engine. The colors alternated on the wings and there was no color (other than white) on the belly of the plane.

Pictures and drawnings.






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Asisbiz Fiat G50 Freccia prototype MM334 flown by test pilot Giovanni De Briganti Turin Italy 26th Feb 1937 0A
Fiat G.50
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