FGR2 struggle bus

the FGR2 is a little too high of a BR for what it is now considering its just an F4C with upgraded engines, a PD and flares (no leading edge slats either) fighting F15s which is simply ludicrous. It doesn’t get access to AIM9Ls (which aren’t even that good anymore) for some reason even though it was equipped with in the early 80s.
I like the FGR2/FG1 and I want to want to play it.

TLDR: Gaijin hates England and the FGR2 is proof (joke)

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Yeah realistically they should be given 9Ls to make up for the fact that they have the worst radar missiles at 11.3. The Kurnass 2k gets six python-3s at the same BR, albeit without the option of radar missiles. According to GJN, the british phantoms are “performing fine” though, so I guess there is no issue. I’d love to see their statistics for how the FGR.2/FG.1 are performing compared to the 23MLD. The premium J(UK) doesn’t even get the benefit of the spey engines lol.


That would require it be moved to 11.7. The Kurnass 2000 was 11.7 before it lost access to radar missiles.

The FGR’s are derived from the F-4J not C.


oh i thought they where Cs, my bad

The British phantoms have a maximum of four IR missiles, whereas the Kurnass 2k can carry six. Python-3s are also clearly better than 9Ls. Kurnass 2k also gets much better a2g options than any British Phantoms. Would seem pretty fair if you ask me.

British 11.3 is horrifically compressed. The FGR2/FG1 sits at 10.7 in ASB and feels 10x more balanced. It’s a shame it can’t go any lower currently in ARB, even though it really needs to. But yeah, F15s not being 12.7 is the greatest BS ever


I’m not so sure, I think the FGR2/FG1 and UK F4J could go down to 11.0br and it would still be balanced. Mainly because if we compare it to the F4E, the UK phantoms have an advantage of a PD radar, slightly better missiles, and slightly better engines (in the case of FGR2/FG1), while the F4E has leading edge slats, more countermeasures, and an internal gun.

And in game, we already have an 11.0br jet with skyflashes and a PD radar which is the Viggen, and its quite balanced at 11.0br.

Honestly although Aim-9Ls would be helpful for it, it won’t help it out too much considering how the aim7e2/skyflash are worse than the Aim7F and R-24. Like in Ja37D, I will either take all Aim 9Ls or 5 aim9Ls and 1 Skyflash, and even then the aim 9Ls aren’t that muc of a game changer for the Ja37D. The Brtiish phantom won’t really have that option as the max it will be able to carry is 4 aim 9Ls with 4 skyflashes, and tbh I would rather have the Ja37D, mig 23ml, F4J/S, or even the Mirage F1C over the british phantom anyday.

Yeah, I think 11.0 could just about be managable these days. But would be a sheer uphill battle to get that though. Gaijin like Britain being the weaker nation

if it got aim9Ls it should stay 11.3


Oh yeah for sure, though it would be nice to have one british phantom without Aim 9Ls at 11.0br and another one at 11.3br with Aim 9Ls

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It would be nice to create some variation between the Phantoms. Especially with hte fact that Carriers only exist in SB

I say move it to 11.7 for all I care. It wouldn’t matter as the main killer for the jet is the skyflashes despite being your best missile. 7fs are simply too good to even want skyflashes, they track at altitudes lower than 1km and the range is fantastic. The ej Kai is actually fun to play once spaded but the fg is just that much fatter with worse missiles that I still wouldn’t play it even with 9ls. Even with 9ls it would still be worse than the tornado and that’s saying something.

Its a real shame they are so badly shafted by the compression in ARB. They are great fun in SB at 10.7 when they are facing 9.7-10.7 aircraft. No Mig-23MLDs and definetly no F-15s.

But yeah, Skyflash DF use to be really strong, but now… They are kinda wet fish. They miss just as often as they hit and flying low means they dont work at all.

In sim it’s a beast, only problem I have is knowing if my radar telling me it’s an enemy I’m locking is correct or not.

PD now does have functional IFF. but the friend or foe “bar” is at the top of the window above the target marker (if that makes any sense) which is a nice buff. But yeah. Its not the best radar, it just takes someone flying low to serverly hamper your capabilities. Thankfully, most are idiots at that BR and give you free kills

Even with that I still found it liked to show friendlies as enemy’s. I had the same problem on the sea harrier.

I’ve thankfully yet to have it in the Sea harrier, but I have had it more than a few times in the Phantoms. But that does just make you question every single shot and triple check as often as you can.

Though since the update, radars just feel… off… I was sat around 3km behind a Mig21 in the F3. Was 95% sure it was hostile, but wanted to double with radar (he had no idea I was there, so why not). No matter what I did. I could not get my radar to even detect there was anything there. It was really wierd. I wish I had saved the clip. So I think radars are generally in need of some major TLC

Reminds me of playing the ej, your sat trying to lock a guy more than 3km out while at 5km altitude and it simply won’t lock. No idea how that things at 11.0 when all it gets is 9ps and 7es with no agile eagle and the f4s radar…

F4u radar not F4s lol, I wish.

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I really don’t know why Tornado F3 can get 9L but FGR2 can’t get it