Ferdinand (spg)

Wondering if the Ferdinand is balanced ok for 7.0.

With it being so slow, and so many guns at 7.0 (or lower) that can pen the tank, is it actually worth it for 7.0?
The jagdpanther at 6.3 has the same gun, and though it’s armor is less, the plates are highly sloped and it is much faster (though not backwards)
Tiger II (H) is also 7.0 but… has a turret and sloped armor which is better for deflection.

Is the Ferdinand any good at 7.0?

The perspective for this type of issues is always different if the opposition is 6.0 or 8.0. And i am predicting that the discussion will be based on whenever you are a 6.0 fighting Ferdinands or a Ferdinand player fighting 8.0s :)
(And when you compare ANY vehicle against the best vehicles in its class they will look worse…but we cant downgrade all vehicles that are not the top of the class…)

I did both and i dont see a big difference between Ferdinand and several other “heavy” vehicles. You are slow with a good gun and good armor…on a downtier you will be potentially very effective, on a uptier you will be a target.

Jagdpanther is probably much more effective…much because it is more mobile. In the end i get your point, and would not necessarily be against a change…more data would be necessary. The possible argument against would be making Ferdinand TOO strong when top tier or close to it.

And TBH…as it is slow and cumbersome, Ferdinand is NOT much used…particularly on higher tier battles…so not a priority i guess.

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Only way Ferdi should ever get another br increase, it used to be 6.3, is if we get a complete decompression of ground with top tier moving up to 12.7 to line up with aircraft. It is an issue when it’s top tier on a semi open map being able to sit at range and cover a large area. Otherwise it’s fairly easy to play around because of it’s lack of mobility.

I play Arcade and I do not like that Jagdpanther is at 6.3 while Ferdinand is at 7.0, I think they deserve to be at the same BR, and definitely not higher than 6.7.

So… should I continue with the jagdpanther once my Tiger II (H) is ready to play? Just bypass the Ferdinand?

My hesitation to play the Ferdinand is that many, many opponents will just punch through that 200mm of armor. Heck a PT-76 (at Br 5.0) with HEAT rounds can pen it…

In the real world the Ferdinand “manages”…if not fully uptiered. However it is a “difficult” vehicle to play…so i dont really like to play it.
My lineup at 7.0 is KT and Ru251, then i usually play the other KT (6.7) or an SPAA (even lower)…sometimes M41.
I only play Ferdinand to spade it…as a sniper vehicle it kind of works…gun is usually good. But much better to play KT of course…

Numbers are not everything…Ferdinand has a good armor from the front…particulary versus same level or under vehicles…