Feedback "[Operation] Golan Heights (air spawns)"

Let us know what you think about the reworked mission “[Operation] Golan Heights (Air Spawns)”.


Played around 15 games on Friday, didn’t get it once, which is quite a shame since this was the thing I was most looking forward to. It’s also not available as a custom mission. First I suggest increasing the chance to get it. Or let us queue for it specifically.

Not a single one.


Not air spawn version in customs.

Dev server, more like hype server.

Currently i think that it pretty much kills any interest of the game, all aircrafts with Fox-3 update is going to be able to launch missiles right 5 seconds after spawning,…

What Gaijin should do, is to create 2 main airfields, per team, on opposed corners of maps, and add a feature to spread players evenly.
(On 16vs16, this would help to spread people on the map, and create more tactical gameplay and less Furball mid-map)

This is possible to manage squads to be playing from same airfield, or not through a Squad leader Toggle.

And this is possible to ensure that anyone is not always going to spawn from the same airfield, in order to create more situations, and then increasing the gameplay quality.

I had some games on dev servers with air spawn

It add nothing to the gameplay, it’s not bad or anything else, but if it supposed to be a game changer to get slower paced game it’s not working

If it just an addition like a new map, why not

But on dev server I had games with half team, the others half being bots, those games where so much more interesting and fun than the habitual 16v16