Favorite aircraft

Hi! This is a thread were you can post your favorite aircraft and give it some praise!

I’ll got first. My current favorite aircraft is the XP-55.

It’s an aircraft that I have just recently been playing and have found it to quickly become one of my favorite aircraft! It’s fast and surprisingly maneuverable. It’s armament is so nice and close together. It’s so easy to aim and obliterate anything in it’s sights.

Please don’t argue over aircraft or anything. Feel free to post pictures and praise to your favorite aircraft!

Can’t wait to see your favorite aircraft!!

To fly:

For the looks:

For the memories:

Ku-Ro and Soviet Flying Light Tank
These are my favorite planes.

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Amazing aircraft!

I love flying tanks too! Hope to see them in game one day!

Favorite aircraft? All of 'em! ( No screenshot sorry )

Oh, except the P.108A one… the plane that broke me in my “gonna spade them all” quest…

Although, to be fair, it’s really that there isn’t a good game mode for it. But, in Air RB at least, if you do get left alone while treetop level in a heavy 4 engine bomber popping tanks with it’s 102mm cannon, it is kinda fun… It’s just that basically never happens

Would have been good to use it against ships in Air RB, but most ship maps have disappeared and the gun didn’t actually damage the bigger ships anyway.

(Edit: I did eventually spade it btw)

Lmao, you can never have too many favorites!

The Pe8 is still funny in GRB despite Gaijin nerfing the gunners. Trying to guess where the enemy might be massing takes a little skill and not killing your own is key as well. It’s a gamble but funny when it pays off and you get a X3 or X5 multi kill.
P47 in nearly every nation now and that is still a go to.

Yeah, it also changes over time: For a while I loved flying the Tornado IDS MFG in Sim, atm due to it’s HD / CCRP bomb bug that love has faded a lot, and currently I like the Thai F-5E a lot as it’s very good, if challenging to fly in Sim EC…

I love the PE-8 too. Just got it recently and haven’t played too much of it. When did they need it?


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I’m trying to get it as fast as possible. It looks so cool!

I presume you meant “nerf” it? They dialed all the auto gunners back as far as I can see, reduced their effectiveness. That is my real bugbear with this game, Gaijin just can’t leave it alone.

Lmao yeah. That really sucks

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Gotta love the Viggen!



Don’t forget you can put also “regular” F-5E custom skins on it (if you know how blk’s work)…


Mig-19, specifically Mig-19S, i love it so much, 2nd favorite probly CL-13B MK.6.

Looks awesome!!

I’ll have to figure out how they work 😂


I finally have found some time to list out some of my favorite aircraft. They’re in no specific order and I’m excluding the XP-55 because I’ve already said that one.

The P-51D-30

It’s such a fun plane to fly. It can do most everything
The P-51H-5

I love that I can finally turn fight in a P-51!!

Probably my favoritest aircraft at 3.0 and under. Always find myself going back to play it.
The F4U-4B VMF-214

Love this aircraft so much! Got me through most of the TT up to rank 5. So nice in both air and ground RB!
BF-109F-4/ BF-109F-2

My two favorite 109’s. Amazing maneuverability and armament. Can absolutely shred anything they face and can put up a great fight in most any scenario!
I can’t state how much I love this plane. It’s cannons shred the crap out of everyone and everything. I love going head on with bombers and fighter alike and killing everything in air RB. Not bad in GRB either! Would highly recommend. (I recommend every plane on this list)
Probably the 2nd 190 I ever played. I saw a YouTuber use it once and was like, hey this looks sweet let’s try it! Turned out to one of the best things I’ve ever done.

The first 190 I ever tried. I tested this one to see if the D-13 was worth it before I bought it. I still haven’t but that’s only because I love this one so much! It’s guns are awesome and it’s pretty dang fast. Also the roll rate is amazing, like all 190’s, it’s saved me many times

Probably my number one favorite Russian aircraft. It’s such a joy to fly. Good low altitude maneuverability combined with 2 really good 20mm cannons!
Yak-3 (France)

I it’s technically Russian, but I only use the French one. I love it so much though! Again you have that classic Russian low altitude maneuverability and on top of that get an absolutely bonkers climb rate! All that plus nose mounted guns makes it such a joy to play!

This is a somewhat strange aircraft to fly. It’s really good at intercepting bombers and is too much of a slouch in a dogfight either. Two 20’s with two 30’s makes it very fun in head on engagements. The roll rate is also amazing, it’s kind of a twin engined 190 😂

These are all the ones I could think of off the top of my head. There’s probably more I’m overlooking because I’m tired (got all this testing). If I think of more I’ll put em up here.

Reminder please everyone post pictures if you can when naming aircraft! Especially ones not in game! Thanks!