Favored killer mechanic / ghost shells

Whenever 2 players are shooting at each other at the same time, very often only 1 will get killed/damaged while the other won’t receive any damage at all, like if the round shot dissapears midair which usually is explained that the shot wasn’t registered as on server side 1 player already was killed/damaged and shot from him wouldn’t count.

According to wt roadmap this already was fixed and implemented but lately in top tier matches I’m frequently dealing with this a lot. When I shoot someone at the same time he shoots at me, I am the one who gets killed or gun damaged and enemy gets no damage which is very frustrating because I see on my end that I shot at him and nothing happened.

I know that this is server side issue as explained by others and I have pretty fast internet connection, but is there anyway to fix it ingame from my end? Or will this mechanic ever get any better? I don’t remember in which article I read it but that update should have changed the way this mechanic works and that actions from both players should be considered on the server and not just the one that reached server faster.

Between two players (Player 1 latency = 60ms, Player 2 latency = 183ms), if Player 2 fires a kill shot at Player 1, and 40ms later, Player 1 also fires a kill shot at Player 1, the server will favour Player 1 and award him the kill between the duel.

The reworked solution therefore is wrong and becomes unfair for players with lower latency.

How is it wrong if player 2 with higher latency also have shot and on his side everything happens just as in real time as on players 1 side? Both see the same situation equally and act accordingly only the difference is that player 2 see everything a bit later because information reaches his computer longer.

And I already mentioned that I have fast connection and it’s not an issue on my end so this mechanic still works as before and ghost shells haven’t disappeared from game.

Hi OZZ_Red_Nose,

I’m not saying you are wrong. I am saying that Gaijin’s solution to the problem is wrong. I told a colleague who has been developing games for a while and said this kind of approach breeds the use of “unfair technology” to make the game experience “fair”.