Fatal Error


Can someone help me?

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There’s no help, only suffering.
But honestly how am I supposed to help you since you didn’t provide any information about this issue.


Oh, sorry. I see that a lot of players are experiencing this problem.
Every time I’m playing a match, the fps drops, the game freezes, and the game crashes.

There is nothing wrong with my pc, it just happened with War Thunder.

Well, the problem is that it’s impossible to tell what’s happening when you get this error, anything can cause it. For example when I’m creating custom missions or units for modding purposes I can get this error too if I make some typo in a BLK file.

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I simply play the normal game, never modified it.
I have already updated my drivers, reinstalled the game, and checked the files in steam, but nothing has changed.

They want to know what you were doing, when this happened.

Were you creating a new file, loading a current one, or just opening the CDK at all.

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